Brothers United in Christ Men’s Ministry


( Our Purpose) We the Brothers United In Christ, plan special activities and trips such as camping, fishing trips and other activities not only to have fun but these trips have a purpose; show love and help to lead some lost soul to Christ, this is what our AIM is to present Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world.   The Men that attend these meetings all have the same mission statement in our mind & heart. Presently, we meet on the third Friday, quarterly of each year in the church fellowship hall of the church. We open with Scripture and prayer. Open to listening for those testimonies, discussing topic that some of us may have issues with. Resolving with the aid of the word of God & personal experience. Our discussions are resulting in pray, comfort yet always allowing the flowing of the Holy Spirit to control the meeting. Topics discussed such as:

  • How can I be more effective in the body of Christ?
  • How can I have a strong Spiritual walk in Christ?
  • How can I be a Godly Man?
  • How to keep our marriage and family together?
  • How to handle life & home situations?
  • At the end of our meetings, we always allow time to discuss finances, fund raisers, special projects for the church & community.
  • We will often go camping, fishing, and prepare breakfast for special occasions.

We are Brothers United In Christ, Striving to stand not apart but to LABOR for the cause of Christ!       TOGETHER! UNITY! U-used of God, to be men used of God! N-need, when one is in need the Brothers United In Christ will STAND TOGETHER as men and help! I-Increase prayer life, a man that prays is a STRONG man!! T-Testify, telling of the GOODNESS of Jesus!! Y-Yes, men can be strong men In Christ! When standing together in UNITY we are our brothers KEEPER and YES we will survive!!   *PSALMS 133:1*